Weekly Update #142

It’s here, the final Dev blog for 2017.

First up lets check our last progress report for the year:

  • The Sarcos as of the time of this posting is almost complete with only his feet remaining to be done. I have tweaked his head, fixed his hands and arms and smoothed some of his tail.
  • Simon has been playing with the splits for the Moschops and Ophidia.
  • We’ve also got some sweet new character art for the Peregryn.

Now while I had hoped to complete the Sarcos by today I will at least be able to have him complete by Christmas. Overall he has come together quicker than the other models so far but the lack of a direction on a few of the elements did slow us down a tad. But still I’m happy with how the chap is looking.


Normally this is where I go over our plans for the up coming week but since we’re going on holiday for the next couple of weeks I thought I’d just lay out a rough idea for what we will do over the holidays and what we’re planning for next year:

  • Finish the Sarcos by Christmas
  • Settle on some rough poses for the Sarcos and Wou (to the best of our doodling abilities)
  • Work over the campaign elements of the game some more.
  • Further build out and solidify the backstory of the world and game.
  • As for next year we’re planning to
    • Finish the remaining 6 character sculpts
    • Complete the campaign and rules writing
    • Complete the backstory we’ve got being written.
    • Hopefully launch a successful kickstarter towards the end of the year.

Now that last one is the goal, but it will probably take a lot of effort to push us over the line so that we’re ready to launch. But hey, you got to aim high πŸ™‚

Again thank you for sticking with us on our journey so far and we hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we enjoy making this game πŸ™‚

Until next year, Merry Christmas.

P.s we’ve still got one Art Dump scheduled before we finish the year and if we get keen there may be some more over the new year break.

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