Weekly Update #145

Hello and welcome back to another of our weekly Dev blogs.

This week Simon has been knees deep in 3d printing territory along with further progress on a few fronts:

  • The Sarcos has had a test print, along with the Cinder themed Sarcos we had done previously.
  • Both the Moschops and Ophidia have had a test print (as you can see in today’s featured image)
  • The Shrubber’s pose has been planned out and agreed upon. We have also done a quick re-pose using the existing shrubber model to see how it will look.
  • There’s been further developments of the character art for the Sarcos.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to make a digital play test work as my daughter had been a wee bit under the weather so required some extra attention. Though at least we’ve now got some more toys to play with next time we’re together to have a play test in person! Go go 3d printer!


Looking forward at the coming week we’ve got to:

  • Update the Wou how to draw document for our character artist
  • Start on the Shrubber’s sculpt
  • Have a digital playtest to confirm the Drazz’s new change (getting an extra starting weapon)
  • Tidy our Trello board so that it’s usable again!

Yeah, as noted there our Trello board which is our go to for project managing our development has gone a bit wild over the last few months and needs to be pruned back. Simon has volunteered for that job and best of luck to him 😀

Until next week folks 🙂

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