Weekly Update #146

Welcome back once again to our weekly dev blog.

This past week has seen us deep diving into our trello board and trying some new project management applications. But for a more in depth view we:

  • Updated the Wou & Shrubber how to draw documents
  • Tidied up the latest Shrubber concept pic.
  • Started on the Shrubber’s zbrush sculpt
  • Tidied our Trello board and linked it to TeamGantt so that we can track the project milestones and tasks.
  • We’ve also pencilled in tonight for a digital play test on tabletop Simulator.

Team Gantt seems like quite a handy application that has been helping us to plan out our year in the hope that we will then stick to that timeline and get the game out to kickstarter this year ;p

Also getting back into Zbrush has been quite fun and I’m keen to push this Shrubber through quickly!

Roughed up concept

Rocketing over to the our ‘to do’ list for next week we find that we’re planning to:

  • Start pulling together the Shrubber’s weapon for the sculpt and start creating more types of leaves to plaster all over his body.
  • Have a meeting to go over our plans for the year and how we’re going to achieve our goals.
  • Possibly look to further clean up the Trello board.

And I’m sure there are a few things I’ve forgotten but for now that looks like a good start for next week’s list. Onwards and upwards!

Until next week 🙂

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