Weekly Update #144

Welcome back once again to our weekly Dev blog. Things have continued to slowly fire up this week at Grimwolden Games. This week we:

  • Tidied up a mashup concept picture of the Wou. Still not super happy with the head but good enough to pass onto our artist friend.
  • Have finalized the Perry character art.
  • Set up another digital playtest (either this evening or tomorrow evening…but probably tomorrow) to further work through campaign designs.
  • Worked out our priorities for the year.

Our character artist is starting to really power through our remaining characters so hence the reason to put something together for the Wou, but his next piece of art is probably going to be the Sarcos possibly followed by either the Wou or Drazz.


Looking ahead to the coming week we are planning to:

  • 3d Print the Sarcos
  • Plan out the sculpt for the Shrubber
  • Update the Wou how to draw document
  • Have a digital play test (and playtest new tweaks to the Drazz)
  • And if we’re going well, make a start on the Shrubber sculpt.

Slightly more than last week and making a start on the first of the sculpts for this year. Full steam ahead!

Until next week 🙂

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