Weekly Update #149

Back again with weekly update number 149. I swear when we started this I never thought those numbers would get that high!

Moving forward with the blog post, lets check out how the week has gone for us:

  • I have gone back over the Sarcos and re-emphasised some of his details, thickened some areas and thinned other to help him pop. He has also now been decimated and sent back to Simon for a second round of test printing.
  • The Peregryn has also seen some further development from Simon with a gun proxy being made and an initial posing pass being done.

A steady as she goes sort of week. Good to see us still ticking a long. Now while I haven’t got the latest of images through from Simon we have got some early work in progress shots of the Peregryn below. Should be quite a cool mini once she’s on the table.


Once again looking to the coming week:

  • The Sarcos should get a second test print.
  • Depending on how the Sarcos test print looks there may be some more work there.
  • If there isn’t anything to do on the Sarcos I will be looking at doing some more work on the Shrubber.
  • Simon will be furthering the Peregryn and we should be doing a quick review of his latest work shortly.

Potentially a busy week coming up depending how the print goes but I’m looking forward to more of this work as it feels nice to have a bit of a purpose.

Until next week 🙂

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