Weekly Update #150

Hello again one and all. This week we’ve been busy with 3d prints and 3d sculpts.

Diving into the week that was:

  • The Sarcos has had a reprint on the 3d printer and has come up very nicely. The detail is a bit sharper and crisper, which means there shouldn’t be any tweaks till after we do a final test print and cast.
  • The Shrubber has seen some love with his weapon getting a roughing out.
  • Simon has been furthering the Peregryn this week with further tweaks to the pose.

With the Sarcos up to spec I can start looking once again towards the Shrubber. I so far have him roughly posed up with a representation of his hat, arms and gun. Next stage is probably to either add some leaves or detail up those roughed out items mentioned previously.

Looking ahead:

  • I am going to be tidying up the Shrubber’s weapon, refining the pose and doing more Shrubber related work.
  • The Peregryn is still under work with Simon (though his workload has spiked unexpectedly).

A straight forward week and with me getting back into the swing of having a newborn back in the house I am planning on stepping up my expected output soon.

Until next week 🙂

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