Weekly Update #148

Hello and welcome back once again to the weekly dev post.

This week we’ve been busy (Simon more than I) with our respective tasks as per the gantt chart and progress has been steady.

We have been:

  • Further progressing the Peregryn sculpt, pushing and tweaking her to match the art.
  • The Sarcos has been thickened and tweaked, but still requires sending back through for a 2nd 3d print test.
  • And I believe Simon has got Matt on to the next piece of character art to do.
  • Simon has also been playing around with some concept art for the Shelonian Pup which looks pretty cool.

All in all going rather well I would say. We’ve also managed to nail down our writer for an end of March due date for the short story we’ve got accompanying the game. Oh and I may have splashed some coloured washes on a Sarcos test print:


The blue wash came out super strong but other than that it worked quite well. Simon’s friend also did a quick dipping on the Ophidia which helped pick out heaps of detail. Moving on to the to do list for the coming week:

  • Mark is to package up the re-worked Sarcos so that Simon can reprint him to test the tweaks.
  • Simon is to start locking in shapes and roughing out details for the Peregryn

Another straightforward week coming up.

Until next week 🙂

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