Weekly Update #151

Welcome back to another weekly Dev Blog.

This week hasn’t been the most productive, I am literally lying on the floor typing this thanks to some stomach bug I’ve had since Tuesday and Simon is snowed under at work. However we have made some small progress:

  • The Shrubber’s weapon has been rough out and has started to have some details refined (bolts, etc).
  • Simon has made further progress on the Peregryn (I really should be giving him some feed back on that after this post).

So yeah, less than ideal process but better than none. And below we’ve got an update picture of the Shrubber’s gun.


Moving swiftly along to the coming week:

  • I will finish off the shrubber’s weapon before adding that to the pose and potentially tidying up his hat.
  • Simon will continue to push the Peregryn along. She’s currently in a rough pose but needs some further refinement.

So until next week folks šŸ™‚

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