Weekly Update #154

Ahoy and welcome back to the weekly dev post.

While it had seemed like a straight forward week when we had started out, it quickly turned into one of those muddling weeks where not a lot gets done 😦

So looking at the done list this week, it might seem a bit lacklustre.

  • I finished the Shrubber’s gun and added it to the posed sculpt. Have adjusted the pose slightly but could use some more work.
  • I have also tidied up his hat but haven’t finished it yet.
  • Our designer friend has started getting stuff together to layout some of our 2d designs.

So yeah, having a newborn in the house has derailed my Faith & Flintlocks output more than I thought it would. That coupled with Simon being bogged down with regular work has meant this week was sloooow going for us. On the upside the vines around the Shrubber’s blunderbuss look quite cool. Just need to work on making that pose pop I think.


Moving swiftly on to look at what will hopefully be a more productive week, we’re planning to:

  • Finish the Shrubber’s hat
  • Clean up the Shrubber’s hands
  • Tighten up the Shrubber’s pose
  • Potentially Simon will be able to squeeze some more Peregryn work into his schedule.

Basically I’m just hoping to jump start the work output again this week, finger’s crossed I can get the proverbial motor started.

Until next week 🙂

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