Weekly Update #155

Another Thursday and that means it’s time once again to take a peak at our progress from the week that was:

  • The Shrubber’s hat is finished enough for now…or at least until we do a test print.
  • The Shrubber’s hands have had a rough pass and they are looking cool and much more wooden/gnarled
  • I’ve also tweaked the pose a bit to help it pop a bit more.

So on the upside I’ve at least been able to dabble with Zbrush again but unfortunately Simon has been assailed by mountains of marking to do 😦

As you can see in the sneak peak below, the Shrubber is starting to look a bit tidier now and I’ve also roughed out where the eye holes will be. I think the next thing to do is look at covering him in leaves and deciding what to do about his feet.


Looking ahead to next week:

  • I’m planning to tidy up the Shrubber’s feet and decide how they will look.
  • Will block out his gun belt and any other remaining details (though I don’t believe there will be many).

Unfortunately that looks like that could be all for next week as I’m currently snowed under at work and Simon’s marking seems never ending 😦

Oh well, soldier on I suppose 😀

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