Weekly Update #153

Welcome back to another dev post for Faith & Flintlocks.

This week has been much kinder to me…still haven’t had a lot of free time but the little bits I’ve scrapped together I’ve at least managed to use constructively.

  • I have been busy working on the Shrubber’s weapon. It is now looking quite tidy, though the image below is a few days old and the vines are looking better now.
  • We’ve also been through and listed what 2d design work still needs to be done.

So yeah, not exactly a stellar week but one that at least we did manage some work. One thing I do find with each passing model is that I am caring less about the small details because I already know that printed at a tiny scale it won’t really be seen. This in turn is also making us faster at modelling.


Once again gazing towards the coming week we’re planning to:

  • Add the updated gun to the shrubber and pose to suit. Finish his hat and look at his hands.
  • Simon will continue to tweak the Peregryn
  • and we’re hoping to have some concepts through for the Drazz character art.

A simple and straight forward plan….what could go wrong? šŸ˜€

Until next week

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