Weekly Update #179

Hello and welcome back dear readers.

This week has been a tad busier than I thought it would be but as I anticipated I ended up working on the Drazz’s equipment and he now has a cool and chunky spear type weapon and I’ve swapped out the generic pistol for Simon’s cool looking flintlock pistol. Now the pistol still needs a few touch ups to bring it more into line with the spear but the whole miniature is coming together well.


I’ve also been chasing Simon on some key feedback (no pressure! ;P) and working on ways to squeeze some more work out of the two of us each week. Also we’re in the middle of scheduling a meet up with our writer to go over the story he’s been writing for us, as he has just finished the first cut of the whole thing.

Looking at next week we should have that meetup as I mentioned above. I’ll also probably be working on tidying up the spear and gun (doing detail work on those is a fairly safe bet at this stage), and if we get any more done I’ll be very happy 😀

Until next week folks, take it easy!


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