Weekly Update #180

Onnneee Hundred and Eighty!!! Sorry, I do enjoy watching darts occasionally and it just slipped in (sorry for those with who’ve never watched a game of pro darts before).

Back to something a tad more relevant, Faith & Flintlocks! This week we’ve had an average week. Matt our character artist has almost finished the Drazz and it is looking awesome. Luke our writer friend has done an amazing job with the story / fluff and that is now ready for a final ready though and review. We’ve had some more progress on the Drazz with refining the pose along with tossing some feedback back and forth.


Thinking about next week I’ll be aiming to tidy up and push the Drazz’s pose along with roughing out the Drazz’s pistol (which I’ve found the concept art for again!). In addition we might be trying to organize that meetup between Simon myself and Luke if we can make that work next week. I’m not optimistic about a massive amount of work being done this coming week as it is a long weekend for those of us down here in NZ. Still you never know what we might be able to achieve 😀

Until next week, take it easy folks.


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