Weekly Update #183

Hello again dear readers and welcome back.

This week has been…far far far too busy with work responsibilities. I was even working over the weekend on actual work and not fun work (like sculpting or painting).

As for progress, the Drazz barely got touched 😦 but at least the Drazz character art is almost done I’ve been told. Oh and I’ve also been toying with some ideas for terrain during my lunch break.

For a bit of relaxation I also got to put some more paint on the 3d prints and their bases. As you can see below the Shrubber test print has some colour and the bases are looking nicer (though they still need a wash and some flocking). My trouble with the shrubber is the green isn’t vibrant enough coupled with the fact I am hopeless at mixing colours so couldn’t fix it despite trying. Maybe I could just get away with some better highlighting?

Shrub and Two Horn 01Shrub and Two Horn 02

Looking ahead to next week I can see my day job workload isn’t exactly letting up but I should have less evening prep (my daughter’s 3rd birthday is this Sat). So knowing all that I want to put a priority on the Drazz and try to push forward with him. I’ll probably still get sick of staring at computer screens so I might get some more painting done too. I have to say I am enjoying the small break that hobby painting gives.

Until next week folks 🙂


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