Weekly Update #182

Welcome once again to our weekly dev post where we look back at the week that was.

This week was a much better week than last week though I still feel I could have one better, if it wasn’t for actual work responsibilities getting in the way! (booo!).

But on the up side I did update the Drazz’s pistol to match the art work, so that’s looking cool. I’ve also roughed out some more details on the Drazz as Matt our artist has fired through some awesome updated artworks.

Another thing that gets touched occasionally are the test miniatures that we had printed (ages ago!). I find painting miniatures a really great break from sitting in front of a computer all day everyday. So as you can see below the One Horn and Two Horn have been receiving some love. They are currently just loosely pinned on the bases for the photos but soon I shall finish the bases and then they’ll be done. The wash I used did a good job but possibly made them too much of the one shade, oh well live and learn. Hopefully the base will bring some more colours in.

One HornTwo Horn

Looking ahead, I foresee us probably being able to show of the final Drazz’s character art next week, which by extension means we can get Matt working on one of the 4 remaining art pieces (woo excited!). I also think / hope that I’ll be able to spend some more time on the Drazz sculpt as well. Finish up all the roughing out then we can finalize the proportions and start with the detailing. Exciting times!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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