Weekly Update #184

Ahoy there dearest readers! How goes it this week?

For us it’s been semi-productive, mostly because of the work of our character artist Matt. Though I haven’t had time to touch the Drazz (sad I know), I have at least better codified the starting set up of terrain and after a discussion with Simon laid out what a “Standard” game of Faith & Flintlocks will look like. Shouldn’t that already be locked down you ask? Well yes and no, as we’ve been debating how much of a deathmatch vibe we want to bring and what foot we want to put forward when selling the game to people.

Now onto the main attraction for this week, the Drazz:


And here is a small snippet of background for them:

“Good with their wide array of hands, Drazz frequently work as tinkers, repairmen and  artisans though they do have a reputation for aggression. Whether they are naturally ill-tempered or the frustration at being totally unable to express themselves leads them to gossamer-thin tempers isn’t clear, but they can often be found slurring scathing insults in their soggy native language in the streets of the world’s most metropolitan cities.”

We’re pretty stoked with the work Matt has done on this and we can’t wait to see the remaining characters done. Next up for him is the Shelonian Elder.

And that is it for this week, hope you enjoyed the cool art!

Until next week folks,


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