Weekly Update #196

Welcome back once again dear readers to the weekly dev post. Unfortunately this week it’s going to be rather short and only slightly sweet.

Due to a very minor surgery I was on a bit of light duties for the weekend that was, quickly followed by coming down with something (maybe a cold or over worked?). All of which means we didn’t achieve anywhere near what I thought we would achieve.

On the positive side I did get through most of the Isogorean’s faction deck and finished off basing the One Horn miniature that I had painted up previously (as you can see below).


Looking ahead to next week I really want to square away all the card updates. And work on the drazz. That is my plan and by golly I’m determined to follow through on it this week. Simon on the other hand should be updating our tabletop simulator assets to bring those in line with the rules and hopefully I can twist his arm into restarting the Peregryn mini!

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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