Weekly Update #199

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back once again to the weekly dev post!

This week we’ve been busy trying to work and occasionally succeeding. However things were complicated by the midweek deadline I mentioned last week, along with digging a new drain line at home and Simon doing a night shoot for his work.

On the positive side I’ve finished stickering the physical cards which is awesome and means we can more easily go out and play test with others (Woo!).

And in other exciting news we’ve got an update on the Elder character art piece and it is looking awesome. Below is a teaser but barring any dramatic changes I think it should be ready to show next week (looks freaking awesome to me as is!).


So staring in to the abyss of next week I’m planning to work on the Drazz sculpt as I want that to be done so I can focus on the next thing. I’ll probably be fixing up the skirt and sash first and foremost, then probably tidying up the body if I get there.

Simon should be back on more normal hours next week so hopefully he can spare a few hours here or there 😀

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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