Weekly Update #231

Welcome back dearest readers!

This week has been a bit of a mess. Aside from the imimnent madness of Christmas, my daughter decided to vomit one night and one of my wife’s family has come down with an illness which hasn’t been good for focusing on Faith & Flintlocks but life sometimes does that.

On the upside Simon and I have had some further chats about the box design and him getting some prints done. He’s currently trying to clear room for his printers so we’re nearly there for some more test prints to update the playtest box. We’ve sent what will probably be our last piece of feedback to Tony on the environment piece as it’s looking awesome. The cheatsheet quick rules has had some further revision and trimming. I tried to keep it to a single sided piece of A4 but I think it’ll have to be double sided. Though perhaps I can just keep the game setup stuff on one side and general rules on the other? Seems like a possible solution.

No pictures this week as nothing particularly visual has happened and we’ll wait till Tony’s finished before we upload that awesome artwork of his.

Looking at next week I’m going to be busy Friday – Sunday at my mother in law’s birthday party up country so that takes a chunk of time out. I’m wanting to finish the Drazz so I don’t have that hanging over me all new years and I’m reasonably confident in that so we’ll see how we go. Wish me luck!

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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