Weekly Update #232

Ahoy there dear readers & welcome to what is probably the last dev post for 2019 πŸ˜€

First up, what has been happening this week. Well as I said squeezing some time in to finish the Drazz was the plan and it certainly wasn’t easy between all the Christmas business.Β  But as you can see below I’m happy to call the Drazz done…subject to a print test to see how it looks at the correct scale. Things that jump out at you on the computer screen are probably not noticeable on a tiny model πŸ˜€


I am super happy with the pistol, staff and the sharp & pointy nature of the carapace. The cape looks awesome but I’ll have to see how it prints. Looks sharp and has a nice flow but I worry about how much it’s billowed out and whether it will look off centre. Only one way to find out! Let me know if you’ve got any feedback.

Also done this week (at least I think) is Tony’s landscape art piece, which I have to say is looking awesome. The city is bustling, busy, dirty and filled to the brim with character.

So following up on that we’ll be taking a break over the new year period. Simon and I will be camping and I’m planning on bringing Faith & Flintlocks with us for some hopefully extensive play testing. And while there are no planned blog posts, we might get keen and put up some cool pics of the play testing. My guess is that our next blog post will be on the 9th or 16th.

Looking ahead at what’s next…aside from the play testing, I’ll be aiming at getting all the cards reprinted at a better size with something closer towards a tidier design. Also starting in the new year will be the Wou sculpt. Which will just leave us the Peregryn (almost done), Elder (underway) & Pup sculpts to go. So so very close to getting this up to kickstarter (another goal for the coming year).

Thank you all for following us this year and we hope to keep you with us on our journey next year πŸ˜€

Until then, take it easy folks πŸ™‚


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