Weekly Update #234

Ahoy there dear readers!

It’s been a good week and as you may have seen in the featured image we’ve been branching out and playing some other games this week 😀

It was great to finally get Twilight Imperium 4th edition back to the table. It’s a fantastic game and I love playing it. Unfortunately due to family issues Simon couldn’t join us for the game so we only managed a 4 player game but it was still awesome. I pulled out the win but it was riding on a knife edge for the last turn after I grabbed a few cheeky points to jump ahead and proceeded to gain the ire of the table.

Mid game and all was going well
End game and oh dear, Yellow (me) may have made some enemies!

In other Faith & Flintlocks development I’ve started going through where we got to last with the Card and Token reprints and designs. I’ve found / downloaded any templates that were missing and had a look through what Simon had previously setup. We’ve also been discussing how many cards to print, how much that costs and what to do about card art in the final pieces.

Turns out putting pretty pictures on all the card art could get expensive, though I suppose that’s what Kickstarter is for isn’t it. If it was just down to personal preference I’d love to have some cool art on each card, which means unique art for up to 100 faction cards, let alone the Fate and Fortune decks (which don’t need unique art per piece I suppose). So for now we might look at getting a few pretty pieces done as samples and leave the rest as place holders in the hopes we get enough money.

What do you all think, worth going for the pretty art or should we settle for more generic art?

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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