Weekly Update #233

Ahoy there dear readers and welcome back to the blog for 2020!

A week later than I thought I’d be getting this post up but better late than never.

Our new year was great and the holidays were fantastic. We played a lot of different board games and managed to clear our minds of work and stress, which was nice. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get Faith & Flintlocks to the table which is a shame but we did at least speak at length about it and where we’re going.

On the upside though we did get the final environment art through from Tony just before Christmas. So for all of those wanting a glimpse in to our world, check it out below:


We are super stoked with how it came out. The atmosphere and life that the city shows is great and captures what we were seeing in our head. Let us know what you think of the piece.

Looking ahead with the Drazz done I’ll be looking to start on the Wou soon, but I’d probably prefer to get a reprint done of our cards and maybe even tokens first. Simon meanwhile is going to be finishing off his fixes / tweaks / tiding the 3d printer to get some more test prints done so we can have 2 play test boxes and he can start getting some play tests in as well.

So let us know how you’re new year and holidays were and what you got up to.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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