Weekly Update #245

Ahoy there readers!

Another week of lock-down here in NZ and even more Faith & Flintlocks development here at Grimwolden Games.

Simon once again has been the powerhouse pushing through updates on the TTS (Tabletop Simulator) mod. It is looking super cool these days. All the latest cards are in along with the tokens and they’re all nicely arranged into easy piles on the side of the table. Another thing he’s started to implement it bringing in some nicer looking models for us to show off. Now we’ve learned some lessons from the past so the models themselves are super low resolution but Simon has applied some slick texturing to make them look far better than the bare low res model.

FnF TTS Drazz update

Other than that I’ve made a slow start on the Vvou sculpt. I’ve also basically finished up-revving the rules cheat sheet I had made. This is now better laid out and covers things in more details.

We’ve also managed to start 2 games of F & F on TTS but due to time constraints we never got to finish them. But it was super fun being able to play with the new toys online 😀

Looking at the week to come Simon will be continuing to bring the models in and prep them for 3d printing. Along with that I’ll be pushing the vvou through the sculpting process. We might review the rules and see if I need to add anything. Also we’re hoping to have more time playtests too 😀

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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