Weekly Update #258

Ahoy there dearest readers!

We’ve got some cool stuff to show off today. As you might have seen via instagram we’ve just received our small shipment from the GameCrafter and it is awesome.

Inside were all of our new playtesting kit which includes, all 4 faction decks, all of the character cards and all of the tokens we need to play. The quality is great and I’m actually reasonably happy with the slap dash effort I put in to get all the cards to this stage. That being said Jono’s card designs look a ton better, but its nice to have something up to date to playtest with.


As you can see all the faction cards came out clean and easy to read. Below we’ve got some Cinder card…you may notice a there is a bit of a theme with this faction ;p


Next up we’ve got some tokens in a variety of sizes and shapes that need to be punched out.


Simon and I are super happy with our haul and can’t wait to start using them more often…if only my work hadn’t suddenly ramped up the amount of work I need to do (typical!).

Other than that, Simon has been reviewing the fluff and we’ve both been discussing the website options. Oh and the vvou has had some further work done on her.

Looking at next week I’m hoping to get a playtest in (fingers crossed), along with that I’d like some more of the vvou done and the fluff bible being close to locked down (doubt it, but would be nice :D).

Until next time, take it easy 🙂


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