Weekly Update #257

Ahoy there dear readers!

Nice to see you all back here after another week of madness. Hopefully you’re all surviving and thriving out there.

As for us, well Simon has been busy with life which has meant he’s been out of commission most of this week. Jono has been working on the website and cards. As for myself I’ve been diving back into the fluff / lore of the game. All of which (or at least what I have touched recently) is now back with Simon for some review.

As for the character we’re going to highlight this week, we’ve picked the scrappy little Sarcos.

The art and the model for the character look so cool and I am super happy with how they came out. In game the Sarcos is fast and nibble, easily able to disengage from opponents before diving in for another stab in the ribs. It along with the Peregryn are actually the fastest models in the game, but while they are fast they are also very fragile so you’ll need to be confident of your placement to make sure you’re not on the receiving end of any brutal attacks.

Next week, Simon should be getting the fluff review done and back to me. Meanwhile I might end up spending some more time re-aligning fluff and lore. Though one thing I definitely need to do is get back on to the vvou sculpt as I’d rather that was done before we get too late into the year.

Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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