Weekly Update #265

Ahoy all!

Mark here, back in the saddle and ready to write the dev post! So lets take a journey and see how this week went.

First up Simon was going to be doing some 3d printing when unfortunately a part which he needed didn’t come in the package he’d ordered because the company apparently now sells it separately. So not much on that front.

I have still been reasonably busy at work and after we’ve cleaned the house in the evening I’m usually ready to crash. Though this week I did manage to draft up some work for the new dedicated Faith and Flintlocks website. I also reviewed what Jono has done with the website and it is looking at cool. We’re planning on it going live in early October, all things going to plan.

Looking ahead at next week I’m planning to create some brief blurbs on how the factions feel to play (fast and devious, slow and steady, etc). These blurbs can be added to the new site and help build it out. I’ll also be working on the vvou some more as I’d like her done because we still have 2 more that haven’t really been worked on much! Its always hard to put in 1 hour here or there but I figure if I could get a good 4-5 hours in one lump I’d hit out a decent chunk of her. But we’ll wait and see.

And with that we’ve come to the end of the weekly dev post. Until next week, take it easy 🙂


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