Weekly Update #266

Welcome back once again to the weekly dev post!

Hope you’ve all had a good week, wherever you may be. It has been an interesting week for me as I’m still under the pump at work but did actually manage to be slightly productive on the side too 😀

As promised I’ve got the faction gameplay blurbs done and ready for a quick review. Jono has prepped the site for our soon to be monthly Faith & Flintlocks newsletters. Simon has also been working on a write up for the gameplay on the new F & F site. Exciting times!

Also worked on this week the Vvou has seen further work with her blunderbluss nearing completion, which brings her up to about 60-70% done. Though I had a thought the other day. Currently we have her standing on sort of a little lumpy mound but I was wondering whether we should look at something more angular, maybe even a series of small hexes at different heights could be cool. Would love to hear any feedback on that.

Next week I’ll have the Blunderbuss done and will be working on finishing her body (mostly just her hands and head are left). One thing I haven’t touched yet is redoing her cloak or her shoulder hoops but those are next on the list after the gun, hands and head. Simon will also be finishing the gameplay blurb and then I’ll need to check with Jono to see what else we need to do before hitting the go button on the new site.

Until next week folks, take it easy 🙂


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