Weekly Update #264

Well hello there Internets. Our weekly development update comes to you from ME! Simon, The hider in the shadows.

Mark is snowed under with real-world work load this week, So I have control! of the blog at least.

In this week’s update – most of what we’ve completed is behind the scenes. I’ve been struggling with some printing issues, which I finally realized was due to a worn out part on the printer. I’ve now got a replacement – so new prototypes of our miniatures should be rolling along soon. Here’s a Drazz I’ve still got to clean up.

In the mean time – I’ve also been organizing, and streamlining some of our digital workflows. Outputting models that are correctly scaled and ready to print is now a breeze – and a side product of this, is that they are also easy to render! So I’ve been playing with some lights in V-ray and making some new product shots of how our miniatures will look – here’s that same Drazz all shiny and spiffy looking – keep an eye on our Instagram, as I’ll be sharing those images soon.

Well, That’s us until next week


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