Weekly Update #271 AND #272

Hello again internet denizens.

Mark has been busy with real world work, and so delegated the weekly updates to me! Which I promptly forgot. So I give you TWO weeks in one!

The world of faith and flintlocks has progressed a little. I’ve been tinkering with prints and chipping away at the pup and elder sculpts. Getting poses right is really tricky. I tried 3d printing our Vvou model after making some tweaks… and it didn’t go so well. Kind sums up our week I think.

I did get the opportunity to go out into the world and see some other games at the Auckland “Board Games By The Bay” (Which is not actually by a bay, but hey) Our good friends at Hobby Games NZ were representing with their pop-up shop, and I went along to help (And play)

In particular I got to try a couple of new kickstarter games.

Castleshire from Lupus Games and Cheap Sheep games. An odd little bluffing, numbers game. It was pretty cool, a little cumbersome as we got the hang of it, but fun once everyone was in the groove. and I won a little laser cut trophy which was a nice touch to the demo.

Dragons Bane from Top Notch games is on kickstarter right NOW. Go and show them some love. It was a fun little semi coop cardgame, working together to take down a dragon with a fair amount of backstabbing… I’m not sure there was meant to be backstabbing, but it won me the game 🙂

I got to play also got to play Dune and Modern Art, both games I’d been interested in playing.

I’ll endeavour to finish some of our artwork so next week can have something a little more… relevant 🙂

Until then


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