Weekly Update #270

Once again welcome back to the weekly update!

I hope you’ve all had a good week, or at least not a bad week. Here at Grimwolden Games I’ve found myself still swamped with regular work with limited free time 😦 On the upside however I have at least managed to get back into to finishing the Vvou sculpt which is nice. My biggest issue of which is making sure the gun is print and cast-able, as it’s flintlock mechanism is sticking up too high and likely to be broken within 5 minutes.

Simon meanwhile has been busy with the laser CnC machine doing some cool template practice which will be very handy for us. He’s also worked briefly on the Pup and has reprint the test Vvou sculpt. I also hear he managed a game of X-wing too, no idea how well he flew but I’m guessing he was trying out the new LAATs which looked fun.

Looking at next week I need to finish off the Vvou’s gun and arms, start reworking some of the Isogorean fluff text as per what we’ve previously discussed and I’m sure Simon and I need to catch up for another play test…hopefully we can squeeze that one in midweek one night.

Until next week, take it easy folks 🙂


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