Weekly Update #275

Happy belated new year and welcome back everyone to the weekly Grimwolden Games blog post! I hope everyone managed to have some break or at least a good celebration if they had any.

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back on to the blog but the run up to Christmas / New Year was busy, then we did almost nothing for 3 weeks (which was super relaxing) and now both Simon and I are back at work and I’m already swamped.

So while we haven’t been posting anything we have actually been working and now thanks to Jono we’ve got another body on the team helping to polish up the fluff and finesse some of our writing. So here’s a thanks to Mark B for all your help so far.

Speaking of punching up our writing that’s exactly what’s been starting to happen for the a lot of the copy on our Faith & Flintlocks site. Along side that Simon and I have been putting together some more slice of life fluff notes for Mark B to help fill out and then eventually those might be turned into some cool pictures. Also being worked on currently is creating a list of similar kickstarters of the past so I can work out some firmer numbers for production and costing. I then need to start looking at how much things will cost along with fulfilment and all that other fun business jazz.

Other than that we’ve also been playing games! Simon managed to get on a xwing live stream…which didn’t go exceptionally well but oh well, all dice roll blanks sometimes. We tried Jaws of the Lion and love it. We’ve also been playing many other smaller board and card games. Overall it’s been a really good break. However it’s now time to get stuck back into Faith & Flintlocks!!

Take it easy folks and we’ll catch you again next week.


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