Weekly Update #274

Ahoy there dearest readers I have returned from the madness…for at least a few hours anyway :p

Big thanks to Simon for filling in with a few posts while my time was consumed by regular work. I believe I’ve cleared the majority of workload and it’ll be easing back to regular levels of madness at my work in the next little bit. That being said it’s fast approaching Christmas which means little to no work will get done by myself anyway so I guess in some ways it’s a good chance to take a break and return fresh in the new year.

So with not much to show for this week I guess taking a look back at the year that’s been seems like a good idea. This year I we’ve locked in the faction logos / symbols, tweaked the Isogorean fluff to work better, launched the Faith and Flintlocks website, started the Vvou and Pup minis, finished the Drazz miniature, got a playtest kit printed and 3d printed most of our existing models. All in all that doesn’t feel too bad, though this hasn’t been our strongest year to date. But it’s been a weird sort of year as I’m sure you’re all well aware lol.

Next year the plan will be to get Faith & Flintlocks ready and up on to kickstarter. Which means we’ll need to finalize our miniatures or at least have the last ones roughed out (all that remains are the Vvou, Pup and Elder). The graphics will need to be done and we’ll need to have sat down and costed everything out which means we need final numbers on all the cards and goodies we’ll be wanting to pack in the box. Sounds like it might be business heavy next year which will be a challenge 🙂

Now I’m not sure whether there’ll be another post before the new year given my workload and the craziness of Christmas. But if we don’t have anything up before then I’d like to thank you all for sticking by us and wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year 😀


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