Weekly Update #276

Ahoy there and welcome back to the weekly update!

It’s been a wild ride here in Auckland over the last few days with Covid rearing it’s head again. Which is a bit funny as we had a conference call with Jono and Mark B on Saturday night from Mangawhai where they commented on how lucky we were to be out and about.

So covid aside how are we going? Well, the conference call I mentioned earlier was a highlight this week for us. We were able to go over our ‘slice of life’ story blurbs with Jono and Mark B. Flesh them out a bit more and explain our thinking for the key points we’d noted down. What we’re aiming for are some small slice of life style stories that pull people into the world and help light their imaginations. Basically what you’d see on a warhammer-esk rulebook in between the rules, where they show off some of the world building. So far we’ve got 4 stories lined up ranging from an unexpected door knocking by a well meaning but unwelcome Hantu pair to some street side preaching by a passionate Isogorean and his crew. Look forward to those some time in the future!

I’ve also been working on my spreadsheets a bit but that took a bit of a back seat with keeping up with regular work. I also need to get back into posting on our Faith & Flintlocks site where I’ll dig deeper into different parts of our game. Any suggestions on what you’d like to know more about? Gameplay, rules or fluff?

Until next week folks, take it easy.


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