Weekly Update #277

Hello all and welcome back to another of our weekly blog posts 😀

I say weekly but it looks like I goofed last week, sorry about that. My biggest issue is that a lot of my free time is eaten up by my regular job these days which leaves little time free for Grimwolden Games. But none the less, we’ll continue to push forward and steel what time we can to work on what we think is an awesome game and world we’re building here 🙂

Speaking of the world, we’ve had a first draft back from Mark B and the slice of life stories are looking amazing. They really let you get a feel for what life is like in this city. Simon and I have been putting together some feedback and we’ll be shooting that through shortly.

I’ve also been discussing our newsletter / articles I’m planning on doing for our Faith & Flintlock site and we’ve got a plan now to do them in more of an article / explainer much like what FFG does with some of their newsletters. All going well we’ll have some of those ready soon to drip feed out.

Jono has been busy as well, further developing the logo for Grimwolden Games and it is starting to come together really well. Hopefully that will be ready soon and will start showing up on our sites and different social medias 🙂

Next week we’ll be looking to push forward on all of those fronts, and hopefully I can get a playtest in with Simon (children dependent) this Saturday.

Until next week, take it easy folks 🙂


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