Weekly Update #278

Ahoy there any welcome back again to the weekly dev post!

Another week and yet more deadlines have me doing faaar too many hours at work. On the bright side Simon and caught up on Saturday and managed a good discussion and even better a play test!

We played a mirror match with the same faction, Isogo on Isogo. It was super good to get the minis back on the table. It was interesting how much the game can change based on a few card draws which always meant you had to be ready to roll out a plan B.

In the process of reviewing the game we came to the conclusion that we need less negative play experiences yet still make rolling dice fun. As such we’re in the process of swapping out the ‘Out of Luck’ cards to something more akin to Back with a vengeance. The out of luck cards were based on the idea of characters carrying over injuries once they were removed from the board, however what it ended up doing was merely kicking a player when they were down (not so fun!). The new cards will be more like a small bonus to the removed character to help even out the game and to help bring more laughs.

We’re also going to be tweaking slightly how the points are scored at the end of the game to keep the game pacey and provide crunchy decisions. Instead of only scoring points for relics returned, we’re thinking of changing it to be 1 point for a relic in hand and 2 for any relics returned. This gives players the option of returning or keeping their pieces out on the board. It should also help to mesh the searching in with the combat part of the game.

In other news Jono has continued to push the Grimwolden Games logo and it looks cool. Simon has done some more reviews of Mark B’s writing but has been a tad busy to write these down.

Looking at the coming week I’ll be finishing up the tweaks we’re applying to the game so that its ready for our next playtest. I also need to further our conversations on costs and fulfillment (yay -_-). We’re going to get back to Mark B and Jono with feedback. And maybe if we’re lucky we can fit in another playtest…maybe.

Until next time, take it easy 🙂


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