L’Écorché study

So one of the other exercises from the modelling class I took was an anatomy study in the form of a L’Écorché sculpt.

The term écorché, literally means “flayed” or “without skin” and is a rendition of the human form with all the bones and muscles exposed. It helps when creating any picture of the human form to have an understanding of the underlying structure informing the form and shape that is actually seen.

Wiki “Écorché”

While I’ve studied and drawn many human and humanoid figures over the years, and picked up a fair understanding of the way things are put together. I’ve never actually sat in a class and had someone systematically go through the musculature and explain how they all interact and what they are called. Really, really interesting stuff.

Also incredibly useful to have the lecturer give feedback on the anatomy as it progresses. I learned a LOT over these few days.

Posting the picture here – I can still see things that I’m not happy with – but hey, such is art.

Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.


As a side note – there were a couple of really good resources that I found out about.

There is this cool app



this cool website


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