Weekly Update #207

Ahoy dear readers! Welcome back to another dev post. I’d love to tell you how well we’ve done this week but personally we’ve been beset by more family being sick and severe workloads. On the upside, those we’ve somehow hoodwinked into working with us are powering on through. Dan continues to push through the Elder … More Weekly Update #207

Pup Concept Sculpt

So here is the First pass on the “Pup” sculpt. This guy is a younger version of the Elder. We envisioned these guys as the young, fool hardy teenager who joins up with the expedition. He may grow into a very competent soldier, but at the moment he’s a bit skinny and gangly. His armour … More Pup Concept Sculpt

Chelonian “Pup” full body silhouette concepts

So my other assignment (from last week) was to start working out the Chelonian “Pup” The pup’s were the young soldiers, naturally armored. A bit headstrong and reckless. But fairly capable. Trying to get a good solid form going for these guys – that is┬ástill interesting. Hard when I instinctively try to shroud the head … More Chelonian “Pup” full body silhouette concepts