Pup Concept Sculpt

So here is the First pass on the “Pup” sculpt.

This guy is a younger version of the Elder. We envisioned these guys as the young, fool hardy teenager who joins up with the expedition. He may grow into a very competent soldier, but at the moment he’s a bit skinny and gangly. His armour plates haven’t grown through properly.

Pup Concept 01

I had the idea after our last round of concepts that perhaps his shell hasn’t grown up over his head yet – that maybe it kind of hangs down his back like an open hoody.

Still not happy with his face, and I was experimenting with diffferent styles for the armour – need to settle on one.

I was looking at reference of the young version of Hercules from the Disney movie, as well as Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet…

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