Weekly Update #207

Ahoy dear readers! Welcome back to another dev post.

I’d love to tell you how well we’ve done this week but personally we’ve been beset by more family being sick and severe workloads. On the upside, those we’ve somehow hoodwinked into working with us are powering on through.

Dan continues to push through the Elder and Matt is making the pup look awesome. How awesome you ask, well have a look at a rough teaser below:


Gazing into the abyss of next week I’m hoping for my children to fully recover and for me to get some sleep. But aside from that I’d like to put some more research into game components and costs to print. I’m also wanting to push through further on the Drazz as it is well past it’s due date. That and a hundred other things I’d love to tweak and fiddle with if I had the time. Where’s all the time gone?!

Ah well, until next week folks, take it easy


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