Art Dump #36

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump. This week I had grand plans of tidying up a few new sketches I had of a shrubber, but unfortunately I was on daddy duty today and thus spent a very enjoyable day looking after my smiling daughter. But never fear we’ve still got some new weapon concepts ready to show.

First up is the final concept design for the Tyton’s weapon. We ended up doing one more version from the last batch of concepts and we’re both rather pleased with how it turned out. So number 6 at the bottom is the design and we reckon it gives off a good sense of fancy, old fashioned hunting musket.

Tyton Musket_V6.jpg

Up next is the final design for the Wou. After last week we reworked the design but also re-examined some reference for more inspiration. And we found that inspiration in a flintlock grenade launcher (go on, google it. I’ll wait). Short, stubby, a little bit flash and quite deadly, a great mix for the Wou’s weapon. Our final design for the Wou, number 13, does quite a good job of capturing that feel and also retaining an interesting shape that matches our existing styles thus far.

Wou Donderbluss_V7.jpg

Finally for this week we’ve got the concept weapons for the Sarcos. The Sarcos is armed with some sort of strapped on, clamped on, wrist blade. It’s listed on his equipment spec as a ‘crude  wrist blade’ but perhaps I went a bit too crude with the initial concepts here. There are some interesting ideas and shapes but nothing that calls out to us. I think I’ll have to have another look at the weapon design we ended up with on the initial sculpts, as that was a wrist blade but had more detail and more interesting parts to it. Oh well you have to start somewhere with a design :D.


Let me know if you guys or gals have any favourite concepts from the design above or if you have any ideas for where to go with our wrist blade concepts for the Sarcos.

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