Art Dump #38

Welcome back peoples of the internet to another interesting Art Dump. This week we’ve got more weapon concepts and a speed sculpt for a change. First up is the latest revision to the Drazz’s weapon concepts. We quite like the blade shape of number 1 and now we’re just trying to work it in with … More Art Dump #38

Art Dump #37

Another weekend down and the looming spectre of another week of work begins to spread. But before all that lets check out some of the latest concepts and art we’ve done this week 😀 First up is the continuation of the Sarcos concepts. I’m quite liking the development and number 10 is looking cool. But … More Art Dump #37

Art Dump #36

Welcome back to the weekly Art Dump. This week I had grand plans of tidying up a few new sketches I had of a shrubber, but unfortunately I was on daddy duty today and thus spent a very enjoyable day looking after my smiling daughter. But never fear we’ve still got some new weapon concepts … More Art Dump #36

Art Dump #34

Full circle and we’re back to the Sunday Art Dump again. This week is a bit weak on new art to show off as a lot of my sketching this week has been more pose and shape studies which don’t really make for interesting blog material. But what we do have this week are Tyton … More Art Dump #34

Art Dump

This week on the art dump we’ve got some cool weapon concepts and another one of my concepts for extra characters. First up is a continuation of the concept work for One Horn’s weapon. If you remember last week’s Art Dump we only had 3 different variations, and through the week we ended up making … More Art Dump

Art Dump

Not quite as organised as last week but its amazing what you can achieve when you’re awake early in the mornings (thank you to my daughter). So what interesting developments do we have in store for this week? First up I thought I’d show what one of my quick doodle pages looks like. This was … More Art Dump

Art Dump

Only one day later than usual but I’m sure it must still be Sunday somewhere in the world? First up is my second version of the One Horn concept outfits / equipment. For this we took ideas that worked from the first ones and added to them. We went with more of a Indiana Jones … More Art Dump