Art Dump #39

Welcome back to our regular Art Dump. This week we’ve got some weapon concepts for the Drazz and the Pup, along with a random Shrubber drawing (because who doesn’t love the little Shrubber?)

First up is the continuation of our search for the Drazz’s weapon. Some new designs down the bottom there. I’m quite liking the interesting elements of number 9, though the joint to the staff doesn’t look very solid. Number 10 though looks rather solid in comparison. What are your favourites?


Next we’ve got our designs for the Shelonian Pup. The weapon design ended up working into a bit of a pose study, and we ended up liking something like the below pose. On the table it will look quite cool with the ball and chain curving around behind the character, bringing action and movement to the pose. We also found that this weapon fits in quite well with the young and reckless side of the Pup’s design (who else would be silly enough to run into battle swinging one of these?).


Finally this week is the random drawing of a Shrubber stumbling confused out of some kind of cave. It started as a random doodle in my sketch book and I thought why not flesh it out a bit. Some of the perspective is a bit dodgy and the Shrubber isn’t super clean but I’m happy to park it and move on to the next piece.


Until next week peoples, take it easy 🙂

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