Weekly Update #60

We’re back as usual to provide another dose of the weekly update. This week has been just as busy as last week for us so development has slowed slightly. But we’ve none the less been able to forge ahead little by little. This week we’ve:

  • Basically fleshed out the Pup’s weapon, and a final locked down design should be good to go by Sunday.
  • In fleshing out the Pup’s weapon, we’ve possibly stumbled upon what could be quite a cool pose for the Pup’s final model.
  • The Drazz’s weapon continues development with the blade and shaft looking good but the part that joins them is still looking lacklustre 😦
  • The Cinder test gang has had their power boosted, lets hope that they are a bit better balanced with the rest and that we haven’t just made them over powered instead of under powered.

An OK weeks worth of work all in all considered. But if you’re asking yourself why did the Cinder test gang need more awesome applied to them? Well long story short, they’re a fire and long ranged or gun line skewed faction but they failed to dominate the table or win scenarios with their current abilities. They seemed very fragile and if even one member was lost then they would crumble. I don’t know that we’ve fully addressed their fragility but by giving them greater ranges, more tricks to slow enemies down and greater abilities to play for the scenario using their range I think we’ve at least given them a better chance at being even with the other factions. But the only way we’ll figure out whether its worked is by heaps more playtesting!

Perry the Peregrine looking for trouble.

What’s next on the list for our development during the coming week?

  • We’re planning to lock down the concept for the Drazz’s weapon
  • Do some faction theme work and sketches for Cinder
  • Do some more speed sculpts to get back into the 3D side of our development
  • Stretch goals for the week: Do some concept art for the factions, faction logo / symbol concepts, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki


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