Hi, hello and howdy. We’re back again with our weekly developers update. First up its been a busy working week as per the norm for the last few weeks 😦 I seriously can’t believe its not Friday yet! Bring on the weekend! But at least we still managed some Grimwolden Games work in between work, life, wives and kids. So what have we done this week?

  • The Drazz’s weapon has been agreed upon after many a revision. Expect a new drawing of it in the upcoming Art Dump.
  • There have been a few Cinder faction sketches. Just trying to get into their theme and flesh it out so that its a bit more solid.
  • We’ve been in contact with our web designer friend about our website mockup we’ve been looking in to and she’s come back with fantastic advice but now we need to do some more mockups and concepting :p
  • Simon has been playing with some new renders for our models. And dang are they looking slick. Almost looks like a real plastic model which is awesome. We seriously need to get these things sculpted up in their final glory.


I am actually really chuffed with how well the Sarcos came out looking in the above render. Obviously that is just our concept sculpt for the Sarcos and its going to get overhauled and detailed up, but its a good taster for what is to come. We’re planning to start diving into the 3D sculpting again once our work – life balance returns to a relative normality. Plan is to probably start with the One Horn as he is the closest currently and then see how we go.

But for the coming week we’ll be concentrating on:

  • More faction theme work and sketches for Cinder. Get to a stage where random people can look at it and understand what and who Cinder are.
  • Another website mockup plus firm up the site skeleton
  • Some more speed sculpting practice.
  • Stretch goals for the week: Do some concept art for the factions, faction logo / symbol concepts, extra fluff written, start rough model of the town, review any outstanding items in the wiki

Only a small list this week as we’ve got a fairly busy week and weekend coming up! Until next time 😀

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