Art Dump #46

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Art Dump here at Grimwolden Games.

First up is an update of the One Horn sculpt that we’ve got happening. As you can see he’s starting to look pretty tidy. Though I’m not liking the satchel and will have to redo that but for the moment it’s probably a good enough place holder for when I get to posing.

One Horn Concept 58_
Latest progress shot of the One Horn sculpt

The second and last image this week is a new concept piece for the Ophidia. Here he’s looking pretty large and powerful. The back fins look cool but the head is not quite right for me somehow. Will need to work on this I think.

Ophidia_Concepts_ 30.jpg

If you’ve got any feedback on these two pieces we’re always happy to hear 🙂

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