Art Dump #101

Hello and welcome back to the weekly Art Dump! First up I have to apologize for the lack of a weekly dev post on the Thursday that’s just been. Turns out flying to Perth isn’t conductive to blog posting haha. But now on with the show. This week we’ve got some pictures of an awesomely … More Art Dump #101

Weekly Update #102

Welcome back to another weekly dev update. It’s been a good week of progress for us with sculpting and rules work being done. So what exactly did we achieve this week? I finished all the detail on the Two Horn. After sharpening up her face and head, I tidied up her arms and that was … More Weekly Update #102

Weekly Update #101

Wait it’s already Thursday again? Bugger that week went fast! Though it tends to do that when you’re stuck doing 14 hour work days here and there. But enough of my excuses, on with the show! Our progress for the week: Simon and I managed to find a few minutes to go over our immediate … More Weekly Update #101

Art Dump #70

Welcome back to our weekly art dump. This week we’ve got just the one picture to show, though I suppose I could have done a few separate up close shots to show the different areas, ah well next time maybe. Without further ado, here is our latest Two Horn developments: Now it might be a … More Art Dump #70

Art Dump #69

Ahoy and we’re back with the weekly Art Dump, this week with more 3d pics! This week I’ve been pushing hard to get the Two Horn done and through out the week I’ve been taking update snapshots to share my work in progress. So with out further ado lets dive into to this week’s art. … More Art Dump #69

Art Dump #67

We’re once again back with our latest Art Dump updates. First up is some more work on the Two Horn. Here she is now in a pleated skirt ensemble. This actually helps add some interest to that area rather than being just a large flat area which is sometimes a pain when it comes to … More Art Dump #67

Art Dump #64

This week on the Art Dump we’re a little light on new and interesting pics to show off. What we’ve got this week is an update shot of the Two Horn. Here I’ve added some stitches and seams to the skirt to break up the large detail-less areas, which will help make it easier to … More Art Dump #64

Weekly Update #86

And we’re back once again with the Weekly Update to let you know how the development is going. This week was good but couldn’t compare with last weeks blistering pace. So what did we get done this week? We found time for another play test. The now slightly balanced Isogorean tanks up against the over … More Weekly Update #86

Art Dump #58

We’re back once again with the regular Art Dump! First up this week is a sketch I did while trying to get into the right mindset for sculpting the Two Horn. So far this sketch is closer than the sculpt as to how she’s meant to look >_< Up next in chronological order are my … More Art Dump #58

Art Dump #57

It’s Sunday! It’s the Art Dump! This week we’ve got some awesome renders from Simon to show off the One Horn sculpt. First up are two renders giving an idea how the model will look like once it’s cast in our hands. And finally a super cool render using procedural shaders to mimic a simple … More Art Dump #57