Weekly Update #67

Welcome back one and all to our latest weekly update post.

First things first, how have we done on our goals from last week:

  • As we only had the one goal last week, this list is going to be rather small. But that being said, progress on the One Horn sculpt is progressing well. All the main parts of the sculpt have been retopologized, though the satchels and a few belts and straps here and there are yet to be done.

With just the one thing on the priorities list it certainly made it easier when I came home from work as I knew that the only thing I had to think about was fixing that model. Though it is always nice to be able to see multiple work fronts progressing at once. But fear not my mind never stops turning on the ideas of the game, so I have continued to jot down ideas, notes and sketches here and there for fluff and lore.

Also as I’ve got in the habit of including a picture with the Weekly Updates I figured I would give you an idea of how big our models are. Now I would have taken more photos of our smaller and medium size models (30mm and 40mm base respectively) but I was running out of time this evening. So without further ado, here is our original Moschops test sculpt compared with a Privateer Press model and a Games Workshop model.

Large Models.jpg
Size comparison – Large models

I think we will be shrinking the scale just a little bit but that is something like the size we are looking at for the larger models (Shelonian Elder, Moschops, Ophidia and Two Horn).

So after looking at those cool models in interesting poses, I’m thinking that for this upcoming week we’ll be aiming for:

  • To complete the retopologizing of the One Horn sculpt. All tidy and fixed ready for posing and detailing.
  • Start posing the model. Pull all the detail bits into the scene and get the sculpt ready for an initial review.

Once again a fairly focused list, which should help bring this model to life that much faster šŸ˜€

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