Art Dump #55

Ahoy folks. This week in the art dump we’ve got some zbrush practice from Simon and cool little concept sketch from myself.

Diving, first up we’ve got Simon’s speed sculpts. These aren’t related to the game but they look pretty cool none the less. Can’t wait to see some more of Simon’s sculpting skills with his work on the Moschops.


Secondly here is a little doodle from myself. Super rough and loose with the line work as I was only having a little fun with it. Could have some potential for further development. I like the tentacle like beard he’s got going on. Very fish man / naga looking.


Hopefully I’ll have some more 3d sculpting images of my own to show off next week πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Art Dump #55

    1. Thanks for the reply. Yup Simon was really getting his groove on with the speed sculpts there. Maybe we can get him to knock up a speed sculpt of the fish man character.


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