Weekly Update #77

With another Thursday coming to a close it’s time for the weekly development blog.

The past week has been pretty relaxed as far as work goes. Simon has spent some time (in between work and shifting furniture) doing card tweaks and I’ve been taking it slow since I’ve finished the One Horn sculpt and wanted a small break before diving into to another.

So to list it out we’ve:

  • Finished the One Horn’s sculpt.
  • Put the One Horn through a decimation process
  • Put together a list of people or companies to talk to about getting the One Horn 3d printed and then cast in resin.
  • Reviewed and refined some of the card details
Simon busy doing some marking up and corrections to the cards

With the One Horn done it’ll soon be time for me to start the Two Horn since she is the other character we’ve got art for. I’m thinking I’ll probably start from her current base mesh and then take it back down to a low poly level and then build it up more aligned to the character art. But before I can do that I’ve got to get some emails out in the coming week to miniature casting companies (I’ve got a small list ready to go). It will be interesting to see what the lead times and cost will be for the One Horn. It’ll also help us to prove the work flow for future sculpts.

So more precisely what are we aiming for this coming week?

  • We’ll upload the One Horn to sketchfab so that I can send a link with my emails to the different printing companies.
  • Email all the different companies on our list and see what they have to say.
  • Get some pretty renders together for the One Horn
  • Do some more development of the Moschops

Another easy-ish week (providing regular work doesn’t go crazy) coming up. I’m probably aiming to start the on the Two Horn once we get into September as it would be nice to have another model ready before the end of the year.

Take it easy till next week folks 🙂

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