Weekly Update #78

Hello and welcome back to the weekly update, glad to have you with us.

This week we’ve ticked off most of the items that were on our to do list for the week:

  • We have uploaded the One Horn sculpt to sketchfab. Unfortunately I found that the low poly decimated version of the One Horn had some weird facets around his eyes and mouth so I’m going to try and re-decimate him and have another go.
  • I’ve emailed a few companies enquiring about getting the model printed and cast. Now we just have to play the waiting game.
  • Simon has been putting together some pretty renders of the One Horn which I can’t wait to see.

After spending some time messing around in Sketchfab I found it a really cool way to show off a model. It also looked like a cool way to see what other people are producing and creating. Now we just have to get out model back up there and published!

One Horn Sketchfab preview
See, see, I really did have it up there!


Next up, our plan for the coming week:

  • I plan to make a start on the Two Horn. Re-evaluate the latest version of the sculpt then come up with some milestones and a due date to have the model done by (hopefully realistic due dates!). And probably start messing around with the model too.
  • Together with Simon come up with some milestones and a plan for the Moschops to ensure he chugs along at a steady pace.
  • Re-decimate the One Horn sculpt so that he can look pretty up on Sketchfab.
  • Upload and publish the One Horn to sketchfab.

So those are are goals for the coming week. I think milestones and targets will help both of us to push our development of the Moschops and Two Horn. Would be awesome to have them completed before the end of the year (who knows we may even get another model done by then…hopefully).

Until next week folks 🙂

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